How to tell people about the new IKEA designer collection with no produc-
tion and media budget?

Our strategy was to create a news- worthy project to hijack the headlines
of the media our target audience reads.
To do this we built a world's first website. Inside Instagram.

Each of 34 IKEA PS items have got their personal Instagram accounts. And were linked using Instagram tagging feature.

The news about the collection spread instantly across top tech and design media with total reach of 200+ M.

Here are some of the quotes we got:

“...It's one of the more novel uses of Instagram as a free promotional medium, and a fun way to browse Ikea's collection...”

The Verge

“...campaigns like this prove that we've only scratched the surface of what some apps can do...”

The Fast Company

“...a unique marketing campaign for IKEA Russia...”

Design Taxi

“...it could serve as a template for other marketers looking to expand Instagram's functionality...”


“IKEA Russia Annexes Instagram to Promote Its New PS 2014 Collection”


"...IKEA hacked the social platform to create a website out of the Instagram grid..."